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Ask a Question (popup)

Show a link to ask a question on: - Product page - Manufacturer page - Category page Open a ..

Bulk Mail (OC 1.5)

Ext to send mass mails from OC to customers Important: here is only ext release for OC 15131 (oth..

Bulk Special (OC 1.5)

Tired of setting specials prices one to one... with bulk special, you can write an special price for..

Bulk Update Prices

Tired of updating prices one to one... with Bulk Update Prices, you can setting a flat price for a p..

Image product in mail

With this ext: - Every invoice email sent to customer, have the product image in every line. - T..

List and modify options in list of products

List/Modify options in Admin/Catalog/product list (To update stock options no more go to Catalog/..

Multiple Invoice Report

Sometimes you need your invoice without prices and sometimes with images and sometimes a label for y..

Newsletter Fancy

- show a fancy window on home to newsletter subscribe. - if closed, Will not attempt to show in..

Notification Bar

Show an elegant notification bar at top of your store (with hide button) a sample at:

PDF Datasheet

With this ext you can link PDF documents to a product. - In the admin zone there is a new ext nam..

Print Button v.03

This ext include 3 Print Buttons. 1.- When customer finish order. 2.- At customer order history ..

Print Cart

Ext to print cart items from cart mod The vqmod relese not overwrite files There is a shoppica..

Product filter by category and manufaturer

Product filter by category & manufaturer in admin section Available Releases for: - OC 151..

Search Tyre Pro

You have 3 search modules: - Search by tyre size - Search by car (only v. 02 and higher) - ..

Servired - La Caixa

Modulo de pago Servired. Es válido para cualquier entidad que utilice el sistema Servired. (La Ca..

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