Bulk Mail (OC 1.5)

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Ext to send mass mails from OC to customers

Important: here is only ext release for OC 15131 (other versions go to http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=2150  )


v. 10 (11/10/17)

- Product Filter

v. 09
- you can personalizate emails with {NAME} and {EMAIL} only in the body


Hello {NAME},

Your registered email address is: {EMAIL}.

Thanks for shopping with us.


{NAME} = firstaname + ' ' + lastname

v. 08
- You can select the number of mails to send in every cron (or manual) actuation
- Sleep configuration between each email
- CKEDITOR size configuration
- Test button to send a mail to store owner before to masive send mails.
- Anti-panic button to erase all mails waitings to send
- Group customers filter
- Send mail to all customers with status = enabled
- Send mail to all customers with newsletter and status = enabled
- Send mail to all customers who bought a category products
- Erase duplicate mails before to mass send

- This ext need cron (or similar tool) to send mails.

- You cannot attach files to email
- There is no stores distinction.
- There is not unsuscribe/returned options
- You can send mails clicking on a button but is very suitable use cron. If you have not cron,
perhaps this ext is NOT for you

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