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Sometimes you need your invoice without prices and sometimes with images and sometimes a label for your package and sometimes...

With this ext you have multiple reports format and you can select a report on the fly from a jquery ui dialog

This ext have a directory for reports and read every report from that directory. Then it is very easy incorporate new reports. No code: only upload you report (*.tpl) to admin\view\template\sale\reports

In the pack there are:
- Invoice report tpl (OC default)
- Invoice report without prices
- Invoice report with logo + product image
- label report wiht logo


1.- This ext only work with admin sales/orders/edit/Print Invoice

2.- This ext overwrite files

This release is onlye for OC 15131. Other releases go to

to play with Multiple invoice reports go to

key: demo

go to Sales/orders/edit/Print invoice

Update on v0.5
1. Compatible with VAT/IVA NIF Free Extension
2. If installed the VAT/IVA Free Ext, every report show VAT Store number and Customer VAT number.


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