Bulk Special (OC 1.5)

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Tired of setting specials prices one to one... with bulk special, you can write an special price for a customers group and cantegories/products or manufacturers/products in a few

you write a percentage discount off the original selling price or put flat price amount for all of products selected.

to play with Special Bulk go to http://goo.gl/LwYOtd (this is v.04 release)

This ext need vqmod 

key: demo

go Catalog -> Bulk Special

Available Releases for:

- OC 156x
- OC 155x
- OC 154x
- OC 153x
- OC 152x
- OC 151x
- vqmod OC 1511 (not overwrite files)
- vqmod OC 15131/152x/153x (not overwrite files)
- OC 1505
- OC 1493 (step to step guide not overwrite files)


v.05 (11.X.7)

- Manufacturer filter.

v.04 (11.VI.5)

- show in a page all your specials with search options. The search-filter option include category filter.

v 03

- Fixed import % discount just discounts the prices by $import, not import%.

v 02

- With this release you can select a % percent discount or put flat price amount for all

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