Fix Navigation bar (OC 2.x)

vqmod ext to fix on top the navigation bar ..

Free Popup youtube (for OC 2.x)

Free Popup youtube (for OC 2.x) ..

Free Youtube Video  (OC 1.5.x)

for OC v1.5.3, v1.5.3.1, v1.5.4, v1.5.4.1, v1.5.5, v1.5.5.1, v 1.5.6 other releases go to: h..

Product filter by Category (OC 1.5.x)

Product filter by category in admin section. This release is for OC 155x/156x Other releases g..

Store NIF  (OC 2.X)

For Oc 2.x Store your company ID VAT number and show on invoices. This ext need vqmod ..

Spanish Pack for OC 1.5.6x

Spanish Pack for OC 1.5.6x ..

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